Episode 03: Cleaner Air

Released 18th November 2017

Off The Grid

by Alex MacKeith

Summer 2052. Another day in suburbia and Sophie waits for her partner to return from a run. Laura, her partner, may have agreed to some new works which the workman are eager to install. Today. It’s up to Sophie to decide if she’s ready to have this controversial conversion going on in her backyard.

Directed by Atri Banerjee
Charlotte Hamblin
Laura Jayne Ayres
Luke Sumner
Chris Born

May Garden Project

Ian Solomon-Kawall

In 2007, Ian turned his mother’s back garden into a food growing space and invited everybody and anybody in. Now ten years later, May Project Garden’s is a thriving community of food growers, musicians, activists and more. Together they demonstrate how ‘clean air’ is a social issue with local, personal solutions. We hear how they’ve propagated nature supporting behaviours in an urban setting; from sowing seeds with inner-city school children to using hip-hop as a means to spread ideas.

You can find out more about the garden and Ian’s projects here.