Episode 04: Squatters needed

Released 22 February 2018

Options for Dealing With Squatting

by Persons Unknown

Inspired by the recently published Options for Dealing With Squatting by Persons Unknown, David Charles‘ podcast mockumentary satirically reconstructs the shambolic 2011 government consultation that informed our current laws on squatting and made homelessness and the search for shelter a crime.

The original report carried out by the Ministry of Justice omitted overwhelmingly supportive responses from the public, the Law Society, the Magistrates Association and the Metropolitan Police in favour of squatting, which have now been unearthed and published for the first time by Dog Section Press.

Directed by Charlie Kerson
Susan Harrison
Carolina Grierson
Charlie Kemp
and James Witt

‘Le Collège Radar’


When Claire started interviewing squatters for her masters in 2013 she got so involved in the community that three years later she was still living with them. In the first part of our chat she tells us why she stayed and guides us through the step by step process of finding and opening a squat. In the second part we speak to her a year down the line about her thoughts looking back on the squat and some of the amazing community projects they ran.

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