Episode 02: Refugee Support

Released on 16th October

Gate Zero

 by Leah Cowan

Teenage Mara finds herself stranded at the airport sheltering her little brother Simeon from the catastrophe unfolding around them, not knowing who to trust amongst the thousands trapped in the process of leaving their homes. The shoe is on the other foot as turbulent events force an unexpected exodus from a recognisable society.

Directed by Charlie Kerson
Sharla Smith as Mara
Natasha Moore as Simeon
Joyce Veheary as Samira
John Etherington as Gregory
Zelina Rebeiro as Josie
Harriet Dobby as Rita
Edward Yelland as Elias
Announcements by Sharlit Deyzac

Good Chance Theatre

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy went to Calais to bear witness to the refugee crisis first hand with friend and collaborator Joe Robertson. Together with those living in the camp they created Good Chance Theatre, a space for the community to come together and create.

To find out more about their work, check out their website.