Episode 01: Campaigning

Released 25th May 2017

Firm Voters

 by Julia Cranney

It’s Holly’s first time going door-to-door in search of support for her party. Under pressure to deliver, she may have to step over some personal boundaries to get results. Inspired by true events, it turns out that campaigning has more at stake than simple party allegiances.

Directed by Atri Banerjee

Amanda Bellamy as Elaine
Stephen Charrett as Tom
Julia Cranney as Holly
Frazer Hadfield as Nick
Indigo Griffiths as Penny
Simon Mattacks as Robert
Jason Plesas as Sajid

The Labour Party

(and The Greens)

Liz Ward and Lauren Allpress

Liz Ward and Lauren Allpress have given themselves sore feet knocking on doors in the run up to the general election 2017. We find out what got them into it and why they can’t give it up.